Acupuncture aids Rehabilitation after Knee Surgery

Acupuncture after knee surgery.
Researchers have found that acupuncture in addition to usual rehabilitation training after arthroscopic meniscus repair, can significantly improve knee function compared to usual care alone.

Sixty patients, aged 35 to 70, who had undergone cartilage repair were randomly allocated to receive either standard rehabilitation training alone or standard training plus acupuncture. Acupuncture was given once daily for two months, whilst rehabilitation exercises took 30 minutes per day over the same period. Knee function parameters were measured in the two groups before treatment and at the one and two month points. Compared with usual care alone, the acupuncture group showed significantly improved joint function, correction of abnormal gait, increased motor function of the lower leg and improved balance during walking.

(Effect of acupuncture combined with rehabilitation training on walking function after arthroscopic meniscus repair. Journal of Acupuncture & Tuina Science, April 2015.)