Acupuncture and Counselling help Stress in Men

A pilot study in London on men’s mental health has concluded that both acupuncture and counselling can help perceived stress and anxiety levels. Participants with depression at the start of the study, also showed statistically significant improvements.

A total of 102 men were referred to trial after their symptoms were identified during GP consultations at the Victoria Medical Practice. Patients were offered up to 12 counselling sessions and/or 6 acupuncture sessions. Acupuncture was given weekly according to an individualised traditional Chinese medical diagnosis. The researchers say their findings suggest that a service provided in this way, can engage men of widely diverging age, ethnicity and class, with positive outcomes for wellbeing, and cost savings to society.

(How do we improve men’s mental health via primary care? An evaluation of the Atlas Men’s Well-being Pilot Programme for stressed/distressed men. BMC Family Practice, online 2 February 2016.)