Acupuncture can help with Sexual Side-Effects of Antidepressants

Research from Canada: sexual side-effects of antidepressant medication.Researchers in Toronto, Canada have found in a pilot study, that acupuncture has a potential role in helping with the unwanted sexual side-effects of antidepressant medication. These drugs, including the so-called SSRIs introduced in more recent years (citalopram, cipramil, fluoxetine, Prozac, Seroxat) are known to cause sexual dysfunction such as loss of libido and impotence in 50 to 90% of users.

A group of patients experiencing such symptoms were given a traditional Chinese medical assessment, and then treated with acupuncture over a twelve week period. Participants were asked to complete weekly questionnaires. Women reported a significant improvement in libido and lubrication, with small trends towards improvement in several other areas. Men reported significant improvements in all areas of sexual functioning, plus reductions in anxiety and depression.

(Efficacy of Acupuncture Treatment of Sexual Dysfunction Secondary to Antidepressants. Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, 19 November 2013.)