Robin’s Comment on the IVF Research Results Below

You may have seen the wide publicity recently given to the IVF research below, which looked at acupuncture given within one day of embryo transfer. However, research only answers the question which was asked, and if you ask about the effects of a single treatment close to transfer, then that is all you can draw conclusions on.

Based on my experience of using acupuncture for infertility, and support through the IVF process, it is my belief that success rates are even higher when women commence acupuncture treatment a minimum of three months prior to embarking on IVF. This allows us to identify from a Chinese medical perspective, any subtle causes of difficulty conceiving, and to try to correct these with treatment, usually once a week. Along with this goes some important and individually-tailored lifestyle advice as well. In the best cases, this approach can open up the possibility of a natural conception, without IVF proving necessary. Otherwise, I often feel that the same factors which have impeded natural conception to date, can continue to operate to reduce the chance of a successful IVF outcome.