Acupuncture for Shin Splints

Acupuncture for shin splints: the Great West Run 2013 passing Exeter University. Researchers have undertaken a randomised controlled trial to assess the effectiveness of acupuncture for shin splints (tibial stress syndrome). Forty athletes with shin splints were divided between three treatment groups: standard sports medicine, acupuncture, and a combined group which received both. Patients received a minimum of two treatments per week for three weeks.

The acupuncture and combined groups reported significantly lower pain levels during all activities and at rest. For overall effectiveness, acupuncture was rated at 72.5%, combined therapy at 54.5%, and standard sports medicine at 46.5%. Self-medication with anti-inflammatories was also significantly lower in the acupuncture and combined groups.

(Acupuncture & Tibial Stress Syndrome [Shin Splints]. Journal of Chinese Medicine 2002 vol 70.)