Acupuncture for Endometriosis Pain

Researchers in Austria have studied the effects of acupuncture for endometriosis pain, and found it to be of significant benefit.

In a randomised controlled cross-over trial, 101 women were assigned to one of two groups, each group receiving two courses of ten acupuncture treatments. Group 1 received true acupuncture as its first course of treatment, while Group 2 received non-specific acupuncture. Upon completion of this first course of ten treatments, an observation interval of at least two menstrual cycles was inserted. The groups were then reversed such that Group 1 received non-specific acupuncture and Group 2 received true acupuncture.

Researchers found that Group 1 experienced a significant reduction in pain after its first course of treatment, but Group 2 only showed significant pain reduction after it too had been switched to true acupuncture.

(Is Acupuncture in addition to Conventional Medicine Effective as Pain Treatment for Endometriosis? A Randomised Controlled Cross-Over Trial. European Journal Obstet Gynaecol Reprod Biology, Nov 2010.)