Acupuncture improves Sleep

Acupuncture for insomnia: acupuncture can improve the quality of your sleep. The beneficial effects of acupuncture for insomnia in relation to sleep quality and daytime social functioning, have been backed up by the results of electronically monitoring patients’ cyclical sleep patterns.

Forty-seven patients with chronic insomnia, received four courses of electroacupuncture treatment. Patients themselves reported on various aspects of the quality of their sleep, whilst polysomnogram measurements were used to objectively assess the cyclical stages of their sleep. Electroacupuncture was found to not only improve sleep quality and daytime social functioning, but also to exert a repairing effect on disrupted sleep continuity. Furthermore, it prolonged slow wave sleep time, and rapid eye movement sleep time.

(Electroacupuncture Treatment of Chronic Insomniacs. Chinese Med Journal (Engl) Dec 2009.)