Acupuncture is a Useful Addition to Asthma Treatment

Acupuncture for allergic asthma.
In the largest randomised trial of acupuncture for allergic asthma to date, German researchers have shown that adding acupuncture to standard care, is associated with improved quality of life compared with standard care alone. A total of 1445 patients (mean age 44) were randomly allocated to receive either routine care or routine care plus up to 15 acupuncture treatments over three months. The overall study comprised three months of treatment plus three months of follow-up.

Acupuncture was associated with a clinically significant improvement in asthma-related quality of life, as well as general mental and physical health. These improvements persisted to at least the end of the six month study period.

(Acupuncture in Patients with Allergic Asthma: A Randomized Pragmatic Trial. Journal of Alternative & Complementary Medicine, April 2017.)