Acupuncture relieves Indigestion in Pregnancy

Research from Brazil quoted on Acupuncture in Exeter: acupuncture relieves indigestion in pregnancy. Researchers in Brazil have shown that acupuncture may help relieve indigestion in pregnancy. Forty-two pregnant women aged 15 to 39, and with dyspepsia, were randomly allocated to receive either acupuncture or standard care. Acupuncture was given once a week, or twice if the symptoms were severe, for an eight week period. The acupuncture group exhibited significant improvements, and also used less medication. The authors conclude that dyspepsia in pregnancy is a very common problem. The use of medication is always a concern. Acupuncture, as was demonstrated in this study, seems to be an effective means of reducing the symptoms and improving quality of life.

(Acupuncture for Dyspepsia in Pregnancy: A Prospective Randomised Controlled Study. Acupuncture in Medicine, June 2009.)