Acupuncture Safe & Effective in Intensive Care Units

Acupuncture Safe & Effective in Intensive Care Units. Acupuncture is safe and effective in intensive care units (ICUs), and is associated with positive outcomes including reduced length of stay and lower risk of mortality. University authors in Taiwan undertook a systematic review of 31 studies involving over 2900 critically ill patients who had received acupuncture during their ICU stay.

No serious adverse events were associated with acupuncture. A meta-analysis of minor adverse events showed no significant differences between acupuncture and control groups. Acupuncture was associated with a reduced risk of adverse reactions. Patients receiving acupuncture spent less time in the ICU, equivalent to 1.45 days per patient, and had lower mortality rates than those receiving routine ICU care.

(Is acupuncture safe in the ICU? A systematic review & meta-analysis. Frontiers in Medicine, 24 August 2023.)