Acupressure at SP-6 reduces Anxiety & Analgesics in Labour

Acupressure at the point sanyinjiao or SP-6, just above the ankle, decreases maternal anxiety and analgesic consumption during labour, Iranian researchers have found. A total of 131 women in labour at Maryam Hospital, Tehran were randomly allocated to receive acupressure, touch applied as a control, or routine care. Within 30 minutes of starting the intervention, mean anxiety in the acupressure group was significantly less than both control groups, and it remained so 30 minutes after finishing the intervention. Sedative and analgesic consumption was also significantly lower in the acupressure group compared with the control groups.

The researchers conclude that acupressure at SP-6 could be considered an alternative method to decrease maternal anxiety and use of sedative and analgesics, especially pethidine.

(The Effect of Acupressure at Spleen 6 Acupuncture Point on the Anxiety Level and Sedative and Analgesics Consumption of Women during Labor: A Randomized Single-blind Clinical Trial. Iranian Journal of Nursing & Midwifery Research, March – April 2018.)