Acupuncture for Cystitis

Acupuncture research from Norway.
Researchers in Norway have investigated the correlation between choice of acupuncture points and the recurrence rate of cystitis among women prone to the condition and receiving preventative acupuncture treatment. A total of 58 such women were given acupuncture twice per week for four weeks, the treatments being individualised according to a traditional Chinese diagnosis. They were followed up over a six month period.

The most successful combination of acupuncture points was Shenshu on the lower back and Taixi on the ankle. Women for whom these points were used, experienced only one third of the number of symptomatic cystitis attacks over the follow-up period, compared with women for whom these points were not used. Use of the point Shenshu was associated with a significant reduction in residual urine volume, as measured a few days after treatment.

(Acupuncture points used in the prophylaxis against recurrent uncomplicated cystitis, patterns identified and their possible relationship to physiological measurements. Chinese Journal of Integrated Medicine, 9 December 2014, on-line.)