Acupuncture Improves IVF Success Rate

An analysis of seven clinical trials in which acupuncture was used to support embryo transfer during IVF, has concluded that it improves rates of both pregnancy and live birth. American and Dutch researchers analysed results from the trials, which were all published since 2002, carried out in four western countries and included 1366 women.

They compared acupuncture given within one day of embryo transfer, with sham acupuncture and with no acupuncture at all. Women who received true acupuncture were 65% more likely to have a successful embryo transfer, and 91% more likely to have a live birth. This means that if ten women undergoing IVF, were also given acupuncture, then one additional pregnancy would result.

(Effects of acupuncture on rates of pregnancy and live birth among women undergoing in vitro fertilisation: systematic review and meta-analysis. British Medical Journal, 6 March 2008.)

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