Acupuncture Reduces Crying from Colic

As a follow-on from the research reported here on 11 March 2009, Swedish scientists have demonstrated in a randomised controlled trial, that minimal acupuncture can reduce the intensity and duration of crying in infants with colic.

Ninety otherwise-healthy infants, aged two to eight weeks old, and with infantile colic, were assigned to receive either six acupuncture treatments over three weeks, or no acupuncture. Parents were blinded as to the allocation of their children. The results showed that infants who had acupuncture, recovered from colic more quickly, and exhibited less fussing and crying over the treatment period.

(Acupuncture Reduces Crying in Infants with Infantile Colic: A Randomised, Controlled Blind Clinical Study. Acupuncture in Medicine, Dec 2010.)