Acupuncture reduces Eye Pressure in Glaucoma

Acupuncture can help glaucoma. In the first study of its kind, Japanese researchers have found that acupuncture appears to benefit glaucoma patients by reducing intraocular pressure, and improving blood circulation behind the eye. Eleven patients with open-angle glaucoma were enrolled to receive either acupuncture treatment or rest. Acupuncture consisted of one 15 minute experimental treatment. Measurements of pressure and blood flow, showed that in the short-term, intraocular pressure decreased significantly after acupuncture, and this was accompanied by improved blood flow behind the eyes.

(Short-Term Effects of Acupuncture on Open-Angle Glaucoma in Retrobulbar Circulation: Additional Therapy to Standard Medication. Evidence Based Complementary & Alternative Medicine, March 2011 Epub ahead of print.)