Acupuncture and Breastfeeding

Research from Italy: acupuncture and breastfeeding. The results of a pilot study by Italian researchers on acupuncture and breastfeeding, suggest that it can support women in maintaining breastfeeding for longer. Ninety women were randomly allocated to receive either acupuncture or simple observation. The acupuncture group received treatment twice a week for three weeks. The observation group made weekly visits to the clinic for a midwife to observe breastfeeding and give routine care.

After three weeks, 100% of women in the acupuncture group were breastfeeding exclusively, whereas only 60% of women in the observation group were doing so. At the point at which the babies were three months old, there remained a significant difference between the two groups, with breastfeeding continuing at 35% in the acupuncture group, and 15% in the observation group.

(Acupuncture Treatment as Breastfeeding Support: Preliminary Data. Journal of Altern Complementary Med, Feb 2011.)