Moxa Treatment for Breech Presentation

For breech presentation of a baby in the later stages of pregnancy, a common treatment from the acupuncturist’s stable of techniques, is to warm a specific acupuncture point on the foot, using a herb called moxa. The method is known as moxibustion, and if a case is suitable, I instruct a woman in how to do this herself or with her partner’s help.

A systematic review from Holland has compared the effects of such techniques, with normal management. Researchers looked at six randomised, controlled trials plus three cohort studies, and found that the proportion of breech presentations remaining after treatment averaged 28%, whereas in the control groups, it averaged 56%.

(Effectiveness of Acupuncture-type Interventions versus Expectant Management to correct Breech Presentation: a Systematic Review. Complementary Therapies in Medicine, April 2008.)